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  Saturday, 27 Jan 2009 

Scientists said that the psychological stress hormone "cortisol" "cortisol" which is probably human nature to "courage" or "cheese."

The newspaper "Daily Mail" British researcher Oilkens Dean said that this theory may shed light on the attitude and actions of the pilot Chelsea Cellenberger U.S., which avoided a real air disaster last January, when his plane went down over the Hudson River in New York without the injured any of the passengers was hurt.

Oilkens said that "there are people when they face a very severe psychological pressures, the Hrmonathm unique," noting that the activity of these hormones did not reach the level of the peak at all the same people, "for example, we are ready to shout when we are sitting in our seats ..." "But there are people who do not face the psychological pressure and remain calm."

The study, conducted by scientists at the University, "Yale," the U.S., that some soldiers who have been placed in conditions simulating combat conditions, with a high risk they were calm and did not act the hormone "cortisol" They are very strong, as is the case for their counterparts who were awe and fear.

He said, told in a study submitted to the annual conference of the "progress of science" that some people are born as "heroes", pointing out that there are people who would be "more calm than others in hazardous conditions and where they are exposed to grave danger, but added that" we obviously do not want people walking on the battlefield. "

"The armies that are considered the perfect soldier, who is not afraid, but we need because we are afraid to stay alive and find out if we are in dangerous conditions or not."

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