وکیل جرایم سایبری

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  Saturday, 27 Jan 2009 

According to a recent study that the treatment of aspirin and in one year reduces the risk of the lower part of the stomach by one third, and that the use of tablets per week can reduce this risk limits by almost half.

According to the Daily Express newspaper that the study conducted by scientists and covered more than 300 thousand people and found that those who took aspirin at least once during the past twelve months, were less likely than others to the disease in the central parts of the stomach or lower compared with their counterparts who were not taking this medication .

Also found that patients who took other types of drugs, however, anti-inflammatory steroid preparations such as "ibuprofen" ibuprofen were lower in cancer than others by 32 percent.

According to the study published in the British Journal of Cancer, where he dealt with aspirin was significantly more benefit of this treatment further.

Studies have shown that aspirin can protect against breast cancer and bowel cancer by one third and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

And another about 8 thousands of stomach cancer in Britain each year and kills nearly five thousand during the same period.

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